We were driven to Jolly Harbour where our Mana Kai had been waiting for us

We were so excited to begin the new chapter of our life! And at the same time so tired after the last three super busy weeks when we got everything prepared and taken care of in particular and the last couple of difficult years on the whole. And we knew that before we could afford to have a rest and start enjoying cruising life there were a lot to be done.

So we came to the Jolly Harbour Marina and were met by one of the greatest people we’ve ever known. They’re Craig and Bobbi Brown, the previous owners the Mana Kai

They were so nice and perfectly prepared the boat for us, we immediately felt ourselves at home

Next couple of days we spent together getting acquainted with everything about living aboard and taking useful tips.

We started our day at 5:30 a.m., went to the picturesque beach, enjoying sweet-smelling flowers and little humming-birds fluttering around on our way, playing with puppies, amazed by mongooses and crabs and waking up swimming in turquoise salt water. There were unbelievably beautiful around, so bright and colorful, and unfamiliar… our adventure has begun!

But there were so much work about the boat! We met the great man named Ian there who was good at everything concerning electronic in particular and generally in taking care of the boat. Several years ago he had got to Antigua by the boat with his wife from the Britain for a couple days and since then living aboard in one of the most fabulous harbor in Antigua. He was really helpful and knowledgeable with setting the new radar and upgrading some electronics for us, and doing some more necessary work

At the same time we took a sailing course and spent days practicing. Because we didn’t have sailing experience in one hand and have big sailing plans in the other hand.

There were low season in the Caribbean that time (June) and not many tourists and boaters. Many restaurants and businesses had taken summer break. And who worked were immigrants or native women. Honestly we haven’t seen so gloomy and sever women anywhere. But their men made an impression lazy and drunk guys walking around with no purpose.

Once one man came to our boat searching for easy money for fast done job. In our case it was washing the boat. We misunderstood him a little bit decided that he would dive and clean the bottom of our catamaran under the water… but he came taking nothing with him, refused to use any special marine stuff for cleaning surface from stains, corrosion and yellow spots. He said he always use only soap. That’s nice. We pointed and described what exactly we’d like to be done. He asked a cup of coffee… nice! And after an hour was waiting for his 200$ for badly done job. He just sprinkle the boat with soaped water and that’s it.

But in the contrast those of who working in restaurants where we had dinner did their job just perfectly! So attentive and careful staff, delicious cuisine and nice atmosphere.

And the island itself is just an amazingly beautiful with its landscapes, hills and lagoons surrounded with clear turquoise water.

We decided to move from the marina to the anchorage in the Falmouth Harbor. This is adorable feature of the boat that when you wish you can easily move to another fabulous place and awake in new surroundings always oceanfront!

Once we got there we regretted why hadn’t done it earlier

We got the pleasant hike over the hill which allowed to enjoy the outstanding views in every direction and take some pictures.

After several miles and couple of hours we found ourselves by the very old fort of Nelson’s time and followed further to the English Harbor, in Nelson’s Dockyard. They saved historical oblique and you felt like go back in time…

the food and drinks were so good and we spent really nice time. Actually, we’d prefer to stay for another week or two… but it was the weather window so suitable to sail away that we started to St.Kitts&Nevis.


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