It was pity to leave beautiful Antigua so soon but the weather was just perfect for sailing toward the St.Kitts&Nevis. The Caribbean Sea was calm and the wind was fair. We started our first independent sailing. It took us about 12 hours and we came late in the darkness.

We did it! Our Cap was awesome and perfectly set sails and even cooked dinner! Because everyone but him and baby Alex were sea sick and useless.

Last couple hours the radar were our eyes, we could see nothing but dark water and distant lights ashore.

We picked the mooring ball and exhausted fell asleep

Our morning at the boat starts early, with the sun rising. Staying in the port in any of islands is not the best place for enjoying its beauty, but it’s only the place where you can be before custom clearance

We went ashore and got surrounded by people who offered one service or another like to look after the dinghy or take us for sightseeing tour. We went to custom and immigration first then find ourselves in the comfy minibus sightseeing the island, listening stories and heading up the hill to the gorgeous Botanical garden of Nevis (2b10, 38c0)

Fascinating we were walking admired the scenery of a variety of tropical flowers and shrubs, orchid terraces, dolphin fountains and water lily ponds

Our kids found the goat named Bridget not far from the Oasis restaurant there and had fun playing with her.

The Restaurant itself situated in the heart of The Botanical Gardens and allowed panoramic views of Nevis Peak and historic Charlestown, with St. Kitts in the distance

The Oasis Restaurant offers guests the finest authentic Thai cuisine along with attentive service. They had their own herb garden within easy reach of the restaurant kitchen and made super delicious and refreshing herbal cocktails- worth to try!

Down in the Charlestown like in most of Caribbean islands the life looked simple and streets were crowded.

We weren’t planning staying for too long so the next morning we started toward St.Kitts.

But did a short stop on our way in one lagoon and it turned to be a nice place with sunset bar and gorgeous marina for mega yachts which was empty because of a low season. So we enjoyed quietness, chatted with friendly staff and had really good lunch there

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