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To lose wallet with ID and credit cards while visiting foreign country with 4 kids onboard the nightmare? – it’s REALITY! Sailing Manakai lost walletWhat do you see looking at pictures of travelers, yacht owners? Right! Most likely you see a beautiful carefree life. That’s how stereotypes works!

Actually most travelers have old pre-used boats, not always big enough. Some of them have to sell the house to afford buy the boat. Like we did (our catamaran is almost 10).
Somebody is looking for something cheaper and older, they spending years to restore and renovate the boat to be able to use it but finally they put to sea after a dream!

Sailing ManaKai

Nobody find ourselves sailing the boat by chance. This idea should got settled in your heart, start to rule your mind, to make you obsessed. It’s hard to understand, it’s not anything comfortable… what about kids? How will they go to school? How dare you not go to work?

Sailing ManaKai kids onboardThe yachting you never read about is a giving a lot of conveniences up like a dishwasher or school and a living on a tight budget. Sounds familiar?
But this is a wonderful life! There is wind of change and freedom, salty splashes, аn exceptional blueness of sky, colorful rainbows and endless seas … the myriads of stars collected in the constellations in nights and bright and hot sun in days are splendid! Any moment you weigh an anchor and free to set sails to any beautiful destination! And after several hours (or days) you land and explore the new shores, and meet new people, new culture. You enjoy breathtaking views and exotic aromas! You feel like you live your life fully and carefully treasure your memories.

Sailing ManaKai team
Of course, it’s not only a pleasure! There are plenty of challenges! At the same time life regularly puts your on trial. You will be surprised how good you became at solving difficult situations, with inventive mind and great of vitality.

Sailing ManaKai kids Sailing ManaKai kids Sailing Manakai lost wallet Sailing ManaKai kids

For example, about a month ago we lost our wallet with ID and credit cards. It’s very unpleasant situation when you’re visiting foreign country and have 4 kids onboard… seriously, I got very nervous! If we were in US it’s not a problem to restore everything
and a matter of couple days. But what should we do here?

After couple days and a lot of support from friends we trace a plan and calm down.
Fortunately we have one more credit card and was able to transfer some money.

And only we started thinking that life was beginning to get right back I lost our last credit card. It means that from now we were not able to withdraw any money.
Traveling you quickly learn the art of survival and make it through difficulties philosophically. This period of time our kids got keen on fishing and gathering fruits like mangoes, bananas and breadfruits that plenty were growing around. Grenada is a great place! There are a lot of eatable stuff everywhere on your way!
Sailing ManaKai kids

Sailing ManaKai lost wallet fish Sailing ManaKai lost wallet fish Sailing ManaKai lost wallet fish

And what do you think! Couple days ago we finally got a new credit card… and our Captain got earache! For the firs time in his life!
So… let me dream of this light and untroubled, carefree life with you while looking on beautiful pictures in my our own profile in social media. Or visiting personal pages of other sailors and travelers))
Sailing ManaKai lost wallet

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