Saint Barthélemy – the luxury destination in the Caribbean

The next destination after hiking the volcano in Statia was a fabulous French island Saint Barthélemy, commonly known as St. Barts. This is one of the Northern Islands in the Lesser Antilles archipelago.

Ones arrived there we fell in love with it’s charm and beauty!

You can feel the difference right now as soon as you get for customs clearance in Gustavia – the main town and red-roofed capital of the island. Originally called Le Carénage, it was renamed in honor of King Gustav III of Sweden.

Beautiful office, polite and helpful stuff. You can do paperwork online and it’s very fast and convenient.
St. Barths looks so different from other Caribbean islands we’ve been so far.

Excellence, luxury, serenity…the perfect adjectives to describe this unusual island!
Just no wonder that it’s a favorite destination for many wealthy people who have got property here or prefer visiting on their luxury mega yachts.

Gustavia is also the best place for shopping in St. Barts. Chic boutiques, duty free shops, and art galleries line the cozy streets. Gourmet  restaurants serve mouthwatering French-inspired cuisine.
You will enjoy meeting well-dressed, beautiful people, mostly reach Europeans, and listening charming French language.
For beautiful views, visit the ruins of Fort Gustave (the most important fort during the Swedish period) or head to the top of the 29-meter hill for vistas of Shell Beach amid the few remaining stone walls of Fort Karl. The ways up and down pretty steep but it’s pleasure to walk around.

The Shell Beach looked so nice so we decided to move there and spend a day swimming in the  turquoise water and chilling at the white sand beach! This is one of advantage about living on your own yacht we admire so much!

The remains of 18th-century Fort Gustave include the ruins of the stone ramparts, a
sentry box, part of the old brick-floored bakery, cannons, and a powder house.
Recognizable by the red and white lighthouse that was built on the site in 1961, the Fort
is one of the best points for viewing the harbor.

Visiting one island or another you always notice something special. Concerning St.Barth
we can say that this is a place for those who likes smoking cigarettes. It seems that
they don’t have any limitations or rules for smoking in public places. And many women
still prefer sunbathing topless:)

Ok. Another incredible beach we spent couple days at is the Colombier Beach which located at the tip of the island and only accessible by boat or a half-hour hike down agoat path. It also called “Rockefeller’s Beach” because for many years, David Rockefeller owned the surrounding property. You will meet only few boats anchoraged in the lagoon and almost noone ashore and will enjoy privacy. There are also plenty of sea turtles you will see here and there. And if you like snorkeling you entertain yourself swimming with colorful reef fishes.
After having tasty crepes in the cafe and loading the boat with provision it was time to leave. We spent fabulous time at St.Barth and looking forward to come back one day again! (Actually pretty soon;))

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