Unique underwater sculpture park Grenada Caribbean

The Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park is a collection of ecological underwater contemporary art located in the Caribbean sea off the west coast of Grenada, West Indies and was created by British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor. In May 2006 the world’s first underwater sculpture park was open for public viewing (Wikipedia) Of course, while visiting Grenada, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to go there and take a look at this popular site for diving and snorkeling ! The sculpture park consists over then 65 figures covered the area of 800 sq meters. Despite the fact that some of the pieces weigh as much as 15 tons, they are not impervious to the powers of the ocean. Taylor’s first work, Grace Reef, was torn to pieces by a hurricane. Actually the idea of settling some sculptures here came to improve the situation when hurricane Ivan in 2004 and Emily in 2005 destroyed natural reefs on the area. It may take between 10 to 80 years for hard reef to develop.By creating artificial reefs they provide “an ideal habitat for filter feeding organisms.” Now they colonized by number of fish, including peacock flounder, juvenile striped parrot fish, banded coral shrimp, and fire worms, corals and sponges. Needless to say that the underwater art gallery very much reflect Grenada’s culture. It is a series of works that encapsulate Grenada’s colorful history, culture and folklore. So if you want to get a unique experience while visiting Grenada, this place nearby the capital of island St.Georges is must see!


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2 Comments on “Unique underwater sculpture park Grenada Caribbean”

  1. Great blog. The sculptures are already growing soft sponges and are changing daily. A slight amend to your text Grace Reef are sculptures that lie on the sea bed and yes some were moved by the sea swells but they are still there. You may be thinking about the original Circle of children which was definitely damaged by sea swells and were reinforced by Jason a few years later with a cross bar through the circle. These children have now been relocated to smaller circles and the unsightly bar and original steel circle has been removed. Any information about updates to the park can be obtained from Grenada Seafaris who are the ones doing the maintenance and renovation works.

  2. Such a article. My husband and I run a diving center in Cyprus. We want to offer something more than diving to our customers, something different, thought provoking, unique and absolutely appealing. Open to any ideas? Complimentary refreshments already a given…

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