Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda

I was awaken in the middle of the night by our Captain. He decided that 4 o’clock in the morning is a good time to start the new adventure! OK! The Captain is always right! At
least he had a brilliant sense of humor!
We set course and slowly began moving toward the first of BVI island on our way – the island of Virgin Gorda.

Virgin GordaIt’s so rare moments for us to enjoy silence and peace before kids staying in beds. We had a beautiful time together setting sails and meeting a new day!
Virgin Gorda
We’ve never been big fans of fishing so far but when you sailing oceans it looks so naturally so we always put a line out while underway. This time our catch of the day was a big and awesome tuna! It took us for a while to get it out of the water, patience and team work… but in the last moment it slip away… so pity! After that case we put in the list to take a chance and go to Budget marina to shop the new better fishing-rod and landing net:)

Virgin Gorda Sailing Manakai

This time it was a seagull who made us a company while approaching the new land.

Virgin Gorda Sailing Manakai

In the evening we dropped the anchore in Gorda Sound and went to look for a custom and immigration office. Before getting to some island we read a guide book with navigation tips. But the problem was that it have been written before the hurricane Irma stroke and caused so many damages on its way. Somebody pointed us another location so we moved to another anchorage.

Virgin Gorda Virgin Gorda

Everything looked perfect! The weather was wonderful, the sun shone brightly in the cloudless blue sky. We felt relaxing after 17 hour long offshore passage the day before… and at that moment we got the visitor with a note. It was a hurricane warning!
The tropical storm Beryl was on the way! OMG! What should we do?

We started brainstorming looking for a safe place to hide. We tried to figure out if we have to move, for example , to Tortola (we didn’t have a clue how badly it was destroyed by Irma, didn’t seem to be a safe place at all). But finally, we decided to keep tracking the weather forecast and hide in the Gorda Sound – the large bay which is protected all around by islands and reefs. Though these days it also damaged by Irma. As we could compare from what we witnessed and had seen in guide book before it completely different now. It used to be a gorgeous marina complexes with dock for mega yachts which were out of order now.

In spite of this sad accident, this is a wonderful place to spend couple days enjoying seclusion and relaxing atmosphere. And we found not a bad spot for lobstering nearby.

So Victor treat us with delicious grilled lobsters for dinner!

Beryl changed the direction a little bit so we experienced only a strong gusts of wind and heavy rain. But there wasn’t anything really scary and lasted only few hours.

Speaking of Virgin Gorda, the “Fat Virgin “, as Columbus named the island during his second voyage to the New World, in 1493, for its resemblance to a fat woman lying on her back, must notice that all the island which approximately 10 miles long has been designated National Park lands to preserve its natural beauty.


Of course we couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit a popular and famous the Bath. This is a unique and noticeable natural site of unusual formation of huge granite boulders must see!

Once get to white sand beach you will find a path that lay between boulders and lead you to the Devil’s Bay (though in reality it was just divine!)

Virgin Gorda

It was the spectacular trial with great views upon the ocean and shoreline, some places is tricky to get to, but they had made stairs and ropes to hold.
Also it’s delightful to refresh yourself swimming in the cave pool where sun light playing upon the water.

Virgin Gorda Virgin Gorda Virgin Gorda

On the other end of the trial you may want to have a cold drink or some snack in the local Poor Man’s Bar while kids would have fun swinging or swimming in the lagoon with a great view on the anchorage in front if you. Snorkeling in not bad too. There wasn’t anything perfect but the water was so clear that swimming with small reef fishes was a good idea!

Virgin Gorda Sailing Manakai
Going ashore you will find friendly locals… and very simple and poor life. We couldn’t find anything historical and valuable in Spanish Town. Just took a little walk seeing
around and chasing countless chickens. Definitely from the water Virgin Gorda looked much more better!

Virgin Gorda Sailing Manakai
And we have never seen so bright and big stars anywhere before! Fascinating we spent the evening stargazing and trying to guess what constellations before our eyes were (actually we have very helpful program installed on iPad that recognizes stars and constellations). If you think that the sky looks the same in different places on Earth it’s not true. And another miracle happened in Virgin Gorda was when I looked down and there were sparkling stars in the water. So fascinating! Next couple days we noticed that these luminous marine creatures appeared around 8 pm and stayed visible only for an hour or two.Virgin Gorda Sailing Manakai

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