Probably, it’s time to change my mind about loving tropical rains…Lighning SailingManakai

Actually it was a thunderstorm ⛈ In the middle of the night we found ourselves in its epicenter in a kind of troubled feelings as woken up by the lightening that just stroked the mast of our catamaran Mana Kai.Lighning SailingManakai

The blackness of the night got illuminated by lightnings hitting the water, the ground and even a neighbor boat… horrifying beauty! Someone got Zeus really mad!

In the morning we found out that we lost some electronics… and this was that unfortunate moment when we were considering to sail to Bonaire 🇧🇶 (12952, 1307, 1290)

Lighning SailingManakai Lighning SailingManakai Lighning SailingManakai

As St.Croix is a pleasant tropical island with friendly vibes for visiting and fantastic for snorkeling the same way it is disastrous for repairing… after taking some attempts to find a good electrician we made a decision to try our luck in St.Thomas.

Lighning SailingManakai

Thanks God, we met Perry who succeeded to figure out what it was wrong there and helped us to fix some of broken parts and order another! 😁

Lighning SailingManakai Lighning SailingManakai

Lighning SailingManakai


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