Hi there and welcome aboard!

We’re the family of six “Sunshine sailors”!

Let us introduce ourselves. I’m Victor – the Captain of our SV Mana Kai – the beautiful sailing Catamaran Lagoon 400 and the mastermind for the journey.

Irina – my wife, the best mate, permanent assistant and just the best friend I can rely on.

And there is our team of young sailors: our older Alisa, then Alena, Max aged 12, 9 and 3,5

and a baby boy Alex (6 month).

One day we decided to follow the song of our hearts and… give up everything behind. It sounds romantically, doesn’t it ? But honestly we just got inspired by many families who spend their lifes traveling, barefoot and happy and decided to try cruising lifestyle, give up wasting our time in rush trying to do a lot of “important and necessary” but meaningless things in short period of time every day and start living slowly and fully. Just we are and the Ocean, the sailboat and new (for us of course) lands to explore.

Would you mind to get the same experience and share with your kids, to show them the World as it is, not as only described in books or watched on TV..? To teach them everything you know and learn with them and from them? To get known each other better, support each other, became a strong team of friends who share their common interests, ready to give helping hand and generally happy to be together?! To wake up in new places on the Earth but in your own home (your boat) еvery day, meet the real sunrise, to have the delicious breakfast aboard always oceanfront, to swim with dolphins, to explore spectacular underwater world of colorful fishes and coral reefs, to sail further to meet new places and people, make new friends, to see off the day enjoying unforgettable and never repetitive sunsets having glass of champagne (or apple juice)…

Of course not everything while living aboard goes so romantically and smoothly. That’s why this moments so valuable and we carefully treasure them as precious memories and searching for more (and this part is the favorite one especially for my family) But living aboard and traveling the World is the real and challenging life as well. And this is the favorite part for me! To challenge myself, to learn something new, to operate the sailboat (especially in rough conditions when my wife is almost useless), to be strong, make decisions and teach my sons by being the real example.

So this is our dream, our goal and the life we’ve chosen for us and our kids! In this blog we’re documenting our journey and happy to share with you! Don’t hesitate if you have any questions or suggestions. We’re open and glad to make new friends!


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  1. Hi,
    I just read your post in our blog and checked your website. I fully agree (and so does my husband) with your comments and your way of live. We always said “Don’t dream your life – live your dream!”. I am aware that not everybody is in a position to follow this theme (be it for lack of financial means, lack of courage, health issues or something else) but we definetly never regretted the decision we made a couple of years ago and then finally started our big trip in 2016. We’ve come across so many friendly people, made new friends, saw amazing landscapes, enjoyed solitute etc. etc. Just keep going – your kids can only benefit from the experiences. Have a save journey and enjoy every day. I’ll read your blog in a bit more detail when I have a bit more time (and good internet).

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